Does the Power Grow Comb Work

The Power Grow Comb came out in 2011 and took the world by storm.

It’s a hand held device that is used like a brush and the manufacturers claim it will stimulate hair growth.

I read many reviews on Amazon and list a few of them here for you to check out.

Here’s one:

This is the first time I’ve attacked my thinning & disappearing top flanks; I’m assuming it’s a DHT issue, so along with this I’m applying dark black castor oil, nuhair, essential oils, at night, stripping it off with bath powder (“dry shampoo,” $1 @ dollar store) & white vinegar in the AM before showering (love the smell of vinegar and head oil in the morning.) I’m taking dirt cheap saw palmetto x3/day; I’m taking 1g tribulus x2/day on lifting days and fenugreek 1g 2x/day (allegedly an estrogen suppressor) on alternate days.

I have not done any of this religiously. I just started 40min/day with a 3w red, blue, white LED bulb on a drop light. Regardless — hair started coming in where there hadn’t been any for years. By coincidence I lost a fight with Norelco’s top of the line (crap) clippers just before starting this evil scientist experiment, so the amount/lack of hair is very obvious.

I SHOULD NOT HAVE SEEN ANY NEW GROWTH after the first week, as I did. ALL OF THE ABOVE MIGHT BE A PLACEBO; I wouldn’t be surprised if simply massaging the oils in, and possibly stripping them off the next day, solely account for the surprising progress. I agree the “vibrating” action on this brush is useless, so I don’t bother, and save battery life without it — but the 15 min every other night’s brushing action with this unit might also be the only effective variable, with or without the lights.

Who knows. The Power Grow Comb works for me, and as hair placebos go, I haven’t spent more than $50 — and I suspect ANY oil would work, but dark black castor oil (w/ pimento) smells better than crisco. I assume. Although, the addition of baby powder and later white vinegar smells like I just got my hair done at jiffy lube.

Here’s another

I love the low laser with the combine brush and massager in one unit. With coarse curly hair, it works great with my hair,for I can’t brush my hair I use in a circle motion through my scalp. One week after use I notice the bad hair follicles shedding. This product does make scalp sensitive so I would not recommend and rough malipuation of the hair. Also take up to 6 months to see a differnce in your regular hair growth .I’m a female with heathly hair using this product to prevent thinning hair and to grow my hair longer faster. I use while I’m laying in bed.

This buyer only gave it 3 stars, but still liked it

I recently purchased this product; it came quickly and with extras that I was not expecting since the the extras were not pictured with the comb. For the price, I cannot beat it as I have seen this same item on other sites for double the price. The items in the zipper case may not be high quality but it will get you through if you are in a bind. This kit is a good addition to my vehicle. Love it! The vibration from the comb can be felt more by adding the slightest of pressure. It is too early to determine whether the laser comb works for hair growth as I have only been using it for 8 days. I understand that patience will be the key. Unless there is an underlying medical conditon the hair did not fall out overnight so I do not expect this comb to produce new hair growth overnight. I am using it in conjunction with a hair gowth product and will give it a few months to determine results. As for now I am happy the purchase. 15 minutes a day is all it requires and I am going to be faithful to the product in order to give it a good chance to work or not before making a final decision of the product.

Now there have been thousands of people using this product over the last year or so and many have reported good results. But, there have also been people who have said it jsut don’t work for them, so you have to decide whether its worth trying out. For a few dollars, i think it’s worth the risk.

The Power Grow Comb uses laser technology that is found in much more expensive products. These can be purchased of many hundreds of dollars, so I don’t think they would sell if the system didn’t work.

The manufacturers of the Power Grow Comb, Velform, carried out a clinical study to test how it performed on different people and it concluded that:

The mean increase of 34 hairs per 4 cm2 in men with androgenic alopecia who used the Power Grow Comb during 6 months, is statistically significant (p= 0.02), as tested with a one-sided Wilcoxon signed rank test . This test was performed on 28 volunteers who used the Power Grow Comb during 6 months, every other day for 10 minutes per day. Under the conditions employed in this study, Power Grow Comb was observed to be effective in the treatment of hair growth in men with androgenetic alopecia.

You can find some great discounted prices for the Power Grow Comb on Amazon

Power Grow Comb review

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